Innovate, Perceive.

Create, Achieve.

Joshua O’Halloran

    Multifaceted Tech enthusiast
    Creative Professional

“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.”

– V. Frankl



Navigating a multifaceted professional journey, my highest priority is currently as a full-time student at Temple University, dedicated to the field of Information Science & Technology. This educational pursuit is a transformative journey, shaping my understanding of the technological landscape and providing a foundation for innovation.

Simultaneously, I am involved in open-source contributions, showcasing my commitment to the collaborative spirit of the tech community. As an active contributor to a Rails Passkey Implementation system on GitHub, I thrive on the synergy of collective expertise, honing my skills while contributing to the advancement of open-source projects. My GitHub repository reflects not only my collaborative efforts but also my independent creative endeavors. I, and my team, created a 2D Python gaming experience, proving in my early academic career my commitment to the growth and collaborative experience of programming.

My professional canvas extends beyond the realm of academia and coding. Since 2019, I have immersed myself in the realm of digital design, working as a digital designer, contract designer, and commissioned artist. These roles not only nurtured my creativity but also ingrained in me a keen understanding of visual aesthetics and client expectations. I brought my skills to the realm of web development as a contract web developer for Lead To Conversion. This experience allowed me to merge my artistic sensibilities with the technical intricacies of web development, creating a well-rounded skill set that continues to evolve.

Remarkably, amidst this diverse journey, I’ve maintained a thriving career at American Airlines since 2018. This enduring commitment has not only provided stability but has been a crucible for the development of expert-level soft skills over the past decade. Navigating the complexities of a corporate environment while pursuing academic and creative endeavors has fortified my ability to communicate effectively, collaborate seamlessly, and adapt to diverse challenges.

As I continue to navigate this dynamic landscape, I am poised to bring a unique blend of technical prowess, creative insight, and seasoned soft skills to any endeavor I undertake.

Work Skills.


I possess a comprehensive skill set in computer science, developed through rigorous coursework and hands-on projects. My proficiency includes problem-solving and programming in Python, Java, and C#, program design and abstraction, mathematical concepts in computing, and database management systems. I have a strong foundation in data structures, architecture, operating systems, and networking, complemented by expertise in component-based software design and network architectures. Additionally, I excel in server-side web application development and client-side scripting for the web. With my knowledge of information systems analysis and design, I am well-equipped for information systems implementation. My academic journey has equipped me with the knowledge and practical skills necessary to thrive in diverse computer science environments.

My proficiency as an object-oriented programmer has been greatly influenced by my study and application of the Gang of Four Design Patterns in conjunction with my extensive experience in .NET C# web application development. By incorporating these design patterns, I’ve honed my ability to architect scalable and maintainable solutions, ensuring efficient problem-solving and flexibility in software design. This synergy has not only enriched my understanding of object-oriented principles but has also empowered me to create robust and adaptable web applications within the .NET C# framework, Ruby on Rails, and Mobile App Development.

From the robust functionality of C# to the versatility of Python, and the flexibility of Java to the elegance of Ruby, I navigate through coding languages to bring ideas to life. My proficiency extends beyond syntax, encompassing an understanding of frameworks like JetPack Compose, .NET, and Rails, harnessing their power to streamline development processes and optimize performance. Whether crafting mobile experiences on Android platforms or architecting intuitive web applications, I thrive in the dynamic realm of software engineering, continuously pushing boundaries and embracing innovation.
As an American Airlines
Flight Attendant since 2018 I have consistently delivered reliable customer and emergency services, showcasing my commitment to teamwork and problem-solving.

In dynamic environments, I excel at creatively finding solutions for necessary requirements with limited resources, even in-flight scenarios. Additionally, my leadership experience extends to successfully leading flight crews through both emergency and non-emergency situations, highlighting my capacity to guide teams under pressure. Moreover, my commitment to upholding standards, both independently and as part of a team, underscores my dedication to excellence regardless of supervision levels.  My efforts over the last decade have made me a valuable and adaptable team member, one with industry leading communication and interfacing skills.

Through my tenure at LBX Printing & Design and American Airlines, I’ve consistently driven positive outcomes for both companies and their clientele. My bi-weekly marketing strategies implemented at LBX substantially elevated our presence locally and beyond. I optimized order processes, resulting in a 50% efficiency boost in placement, completion, and distribution for LBX. Overall the benefits of my contributions led to a 62% increase in monthly revenue.

Additionally, I played a pivotal role in catering to high-priority clients and serving as a customer liaison, fostering strong and positive relationships between the company and its valued clientele.



I bring a unique blend of technical skill and creative insight to the table. I am eager to discuss how my multifaceted background and experience can contribute to your team’s success. Feel free to reach out for further discussions or to request my resume.